Pet Craft Supply Dehydrated Pure Wild Pacific Salmon Natural Dog Treats a Great Alternative to Freeze Dried Healthy Dog Treats

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  • ✅ Natural & pure wild Pacific Salmon caught in the Pacific Northwest. Slowly dehydrated to lock in maximum amount of nutrients, creating an organic, healthy dog and cat treat.
  • ✅ A great alternative to Freeze Dried Treats, Rawhide, kibble or bones for dogs. Wild Pacific Salmon is packed with healthy nutrients like Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Your dog and cat will love the taste of the pure wild Pacific Salmon.
  • ✅ dehydrated treats offer the same benefits as raw food, or freeze Dried Treats. Slowly cooking The wild Pacific Salmon Locks in the maximum amount of nutrients, without losing any of the benefits. Dehydrating Food helps begin the digestive process, which makes it much easier on the digestive tract of a pet that is older, or managing health problems.
  • ✅ rewarding your pet with a treat can be both fun, and healthy! The Pet Craft Supply dehydrated treats have a similar texture to Salmon Jerky, but with much less moisture (almost none! ), so it is easy to break apart, making these great dog treats for small dogs or keep them whole, making them great dog treats for large dogs. These also make great Grain free cat Treats.
  • ✅ packed full of Grain free dog treats. The Pet Craft Supply Dog treat bag is resalable and filled with 3oz of dehydrated pure Pacific Salmon, A great alternative to herring, White fish, and has higher amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids compared to chicken Freeze Dried Treats. Please store these Wellness dog treats in a cool dark place away from your dog or cat, where you would keep your dog food or cat food.
  • ✅ strong scent due to all natural ingredients. Close resalable bag to maintain freshness
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